November 7, 2019

No, God does not change His mind.

God is perfectly complete. To say that God will change His mind would mean He has to improve, and to improve, it would mean He is not completely sufficient.

As humans, we change our minds when we see a better way to do something. When we realized that Option C is better than Option D, we change our mind. But, since God knows all things, the beginning from the end (Revelation 22:13; Ephesians 1:4), it is not possible for Him to improve upon any plan that He has made. His plans are already perfect (2 Samuel 22:31), and He has stated that His plans will prevail (Isaiah 46:9–11).

Somehow we think when we pray, we are trying to make God do something for us that He didn’t intend to. If we beg Him long enough, He will do it for us. That is not so biblically.

So if prayer does not change God’s mind, why do we pray? Does prayer change our circumstances? Yes.

Prayer positions us to see and receive what God has already done and given to us. Note this; God is not going to do, He is already done all things for you from this moment till the end of your life. You pray to receive, you are not praying to for Him to do.

In the whole of the New Testament, God gave man 2 things; Jesus and the Holy Spirit, every other thing, the bible suggests if you pray and you believe, you shall receive. The responsibility of receiving lies with man, why? God has already given.

(Luke 18:1). First John 5:14–15 also reminds us that, when we pray according to God’s will, He hears and answers. The key phrase is “according to His will.” That will also includes His timing.

Our prayers help to align our hearts with His heart until His will is our highest goal (Luke 22:42).

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